Hijama Certification



Course Description.

This course will be conducted based on a combination of islamic teachings and the modern cupping tools. The course is an ideal foundation to introduce you to the development and practice of al hijama.the course is suitable for beginners as well as experts. It is carefully structured so each module builds on the previous one, allowing students to develop their confidence and skills, and reach their full potential to perform al hijama. It provides the basic level of knowledge designed for students interested to perform home cupping. Students will learn al hijama, a safe, simple, and effective therapy for prevention and treatment of some conditions and diseases.

Course Objectives.

To learn basic knowledge (theory and practical) of al hijama mainly dry and wet based on a combination of islamic teachings and the modern cupping.

Course Modules.

. Definition of Hijama.
. History of Hijama and ancient healing methods.
. Hijama throughout the world, up to the present day.
. Hijama in religious medicine.
. Benefits of Hijama.
. Equipment.
. Methods of Hijama.
. Safety, procedures and precautions.
. Understanding the anatomy of the body, including meridian points.
. Understanding health, disease and causes of ill-health.
. Hijama, detoxification and the immune system.
. Hijama and other alterative therapies.
. Hijama and common aliment.
. ‘Wet’ practical.
. How to diagnose, make case studies and treatment plans.
. When and when not to treat, whom and whom not to treat.
. Treatment techniques, health and safety.
. Patient practitioner development.
. Code of ethics.
. Management skills.